Today I am kindly moving over to showcase another cat from another studio. (Who says cats are only a bunch of only instinct and self interest!).

I am doing this because Kristine has just found out that 2 of her students took out the 1st and 2nd Art Prize at the Sydney Royal Easter Show yesterday. She is beaming. Not because they won so much, but because others recognised how much effort each student dedicated to creating the pieces.

Abira Harvey took out a 1st Prize and Matthew Dardis took out the 2nd in their age category. Kristine has been teaching them individually for 7 plus years. They have both worked incredibly hard over this time as she pushed their work to places it deserved to go.

You will note in the accompanying images that Abira had the assistance of one of her cats ‘Miss Molly’. I have never met this feline but I am happy that she now lives in an arty house. (Actually this is the family I was born into so that means it must be good….look how well I turned out!)

You can see her waiting patiently for the artist to finish painting for the day. We do this a lot, us cats. Our sleeping on the job is our sign of support. (If this is the case, Kristine says I am always supporting her).

Matthew has creature support too. Evie the dog always comes and visits him when he is head down into a drawing.

Bottom line, critters are the perfect addition to an artist’s studio and self development. We are great studio buddies.

Kristine won’t let me finish my blog without me telling everyone that she is proud of all of her students whether they win a ribbon or not. It is hard not to let prizes define your value as an artist but that sometimes it just depends on the judge, the year, and how many people enter. Only a few can win a prize. It should not discredit the quality of the work produced or the great efforts made to pull it off.

Kristine says she has racked up so many rejections from shows and competitions that there is just too many to count. So you just shouldn’t…count them…Managing your rejections, getting back up and loading that paintbrush is what it is all about. You want to be remembered for your body of work and tenacity in creating it. Not your 15 minutes of fame.

So thanks from all the animals, to the artists for all those canvas’s, broken chairs and studios smelling like paint. They make a lovely sleeping spots. Make sure you get back in there and paint, and we’ll check it out tomorrow!  >••<

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