Still life with ‘Sketch’

Kitchen Still Life

This week I have been taking some active steps to put myself centre stage as subject matter for some of Kristine’s new artwork  – no signs of success yet 🙁

She keeps telling me she has her still life works to finish. If her motto is ‘taking the ‘still’ out of still life then surely I fit the bill?

I keep telling her that cats really are the perfect subject matter and that I can actually improve the composition. She keeps getting annoyed and complains when I knock over set. (She doesn’t understand that my alterier motive is to be the set and get rid of the plants ;{ )

You can see me here helping with these plants she found lying on the street after the council trimmed our trees along the pavement. They look a bit dead to me but she says they are great?

I think I will have to keep working away at my mission.

I have Kristine that having a cat can actually improve your work. This must be true because there are so many master artists that had cats!

What about Ai Weiwei  who has over 40 cats. There’s Matisse, Dali, Basquait, Bonnard and Georgia O’Keefe. Andy Warhol once owned 25 cats all named Sam. Herbert Tobias even wore his cat as a head piece!

There are so many artists who had cats that they even made a book!

It is a collection of behind-the scenes stories of more than 50 famous artists and their furry friends. Artists and Their Cats, captures many and various artist-cat relationships, in charming photographs and engaging text. These photographs reveal how an artistic soul and an independent spirit can create a strong bonds . Looking through these pictures one can notice the softer side of many famous artists, while their feline friends  seem to mirror their owners’ mood and attitude.

Get the book here>

So I will persist, and maybe I might one day make my way into an original Ballard artwork. Watch this space! >••<

Georgia O’Keefe


Andy Warhol and Sams



Herbert Tobias

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