Throughout time, there are certain locations that inspire our wonder and continue to capture our attention. Their secrets call to us, and we are often unsure why we are drawn to such places. They have a magic that revitalises our bodies and souls. This magnetic attraction is the focus of the ‘Riversong‘ Series. An investigation of environment – our interaction and its effect on us, is a theme that I continue to pursue throughout my work.
The inspiration for this body of work sprouted during an art residency at Monsalvat, Australia’s oldest art colony. Located in Victoria, it is the area that provided fodder for the famous artists of the Heidelberg School. These Australian impressionists, including as Arthur Streeton, Tom Roberts and Charles Conder would go on to produce artworks that would showcase the beauty of the Australian landscape in a whole new way. I went in search of the secret ingredients that played a part in these creations. The atmospheric moods of the Yarra River is what I found. The artworks are the results of these investigations.