Studio watch

I am back after a break … the thing is I have been patiently waiting for Kristine to finish her new still life pieces set for Melbourne.

These six new works are in a much lighter palette than she usually uses but they are still filled with colour. She’s ramping up the Fragmatism style now that it’s officially registered. Her new favourite colours are Raw Umber and Sap Green. She says I should think like Guillaume Apollinaire, and he said ‘Color is the fruit of life.’ But I don’t like fruit and I am more of a monotone cat!

She has been working hard developing the style and I can see the progress. I just can’t believe it takes so long! I have been reviewing the works towards their completion. Kristine doesn’t seem to think I have much to offer…just a lot of cat hair on her chair!

The thing is there is a lot of waiting. There are only so many cat naps I can fit into my day so, on the odd occassion I go a wandering. For my latest entertainment I venture next door to sneer at the dog. Buffy lives in the backyard. Dogs seem so stupid to me. They make a lot of noise, are always overly excited and they can’t jump up on anything. I always hope that Buffy will be smarter when I visit, alas I am proved wrong time and again.

So last week I went over the fence to cause my daily ruckus. A little bit more action than expected as there was a bird up for eating. Double points I thought. Turns out the bird was smarter than Buffy, but together they won the battle. There was a scuffle and some blood and I lost. I slinked home pretending I was not involved. Just didn’t notice the bird blood on my face and my missing collar. Kristine did as she heard it from the studio.

She said I am in the dog house for the next week. But I don’t understand because we have no dog house? My milk treats have been cut and I am told I will be getting a new collar that stands out more so that the neighbourhood can watch out for me, as I have decided to be a bully.

I was also taken off the blog as punishment. The collar you see in the photo is no more. Who knows what I will get as a replacement? I sense I will be burdened with a colour ;{

Kristine’s new still life pieces now available at the Manyung Gallery in Melbourne. So now we are back to working on the Cigar Box artworks for the group exhibition ‘Outliers’ in July. She has also completed the details for the Fiji Art Retreat in November. This looks amazing but I am told it is not for cats (same story every year!) She also has a couple of half day workshops happening if you love colour at the ARTSHINE Gallery in Chippendale.

OK it’s time to get back in the studio! I’m loving my ‘no collar’ outfit at the moment but I sense that is about to end.

Chat to you next week!   >••<

Waiting for completion

New artwork ‘Big Expectations’.

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