Creating was always a reflex

I have always wanted to be an artist. As a child I was always drawing. They say artists are just kids who refuse to put their crayons away. That was me. I have always had a passion to create, be it a picture, a painting or an outfit.

In my younger years I took the sensible path and ‘got a real job’ in Graphic Design after completing a degree in Design at Newcastle University. Yes, I am officially a B.A.D. (Bachelor of Art in Design).

Never feeling artistically satisfied in my career, I was always creating on the side and formed a partnership establishing the Northshore School of Art in Mosman. I did that for over a decade. Nurturing s students artistic development is always such a delight. I got to do this running the Art School and as the Arts Presenter of EDTV Australia. Now I get to do this via my private art tuition, art mentoring and workshops and art retreats.


I am an Australian artist and work from my Garden Studio in Sydney. The jury is out as the whether my inhouse art critic, Sketch – the cat helps or hinders my art process. He features throughout my blog and instagram posts under ‘Cattitudes’.


I specialise in semi-abstract still life and landscape paintings. Connections to our environment and the objects that fill them, are themes that continue to inspire my creative practice.

Currently I am drawn to locations ‘girt by sea’. Perhaps this comes from living on one of the biggest island continents on the planet, Australia. I call my style of painting  ‘Fragmatism®’. This style involves colours and shapes that merge into each other and its driven by colour and light. Compositions form through deconstructed shape and reconstructed colour.

“Colour is the foundation for
every artwork I create.
Translating the vibrancy of life
to the canvas is my life long

I have been lucky enough to have my work selected for many shows and competitions, both nationally and internationally. Completing art residencies also plays an important part of my art practice. Residencies help me improve and expand my practice. They have allowed me to explore the colours of New York, France, Venice, Spain and Fiji.

My mission is to live an artistic life, creating, teaching and discovering all the colours of the world and introduce the joy colour can add to your life to others.